About us

We are a comprehensive team of professionals passionate about the world of marketing who help our clients grow and achieve their goals. How? Guiding and advising them to make the best decisions strategically to achieve what you are looking for so much: supply a need.


At International Marketing Pro we want to be a strategic ally that leads brands to have constant growth, aligned with their values ​​and goals.


By the year 2028 to be recognized as an international marketing agency that stands out for its effectiveness, results and customer satisfaction.


Our CEO believes in the power of helping others, which is why we put our knowledge and skills at the service of others to grow together.

Team of Experts

Meet our multidisciplinary team:

Juan Andrés Tello

Graphic designer / CO

Natalie Muñoz

Graphic designer / CO

Karold Aramburo

Graphic designer / CO

Juan Camilo Restrepo

Content manager / CO

Camila Fernandez

Content manager / CO

Sebastián Murillas

Web Developer/ CO

Andrés Kabrera

CEO Founder

At International Marketing Pro we believe in the power of ideas, but even more so in the ability to execute them

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